Price list

Price of accommodation is dependent upon number of people and length of stay. Extra services are calculated individually.

Length of stayPrice
Price for 1 person for 1 day60 zł
For stay of 2 to 3 days for 1 person50 zł
For stay longer than 3 days for 1 person45 zł
Children under 2 yearsfree of charge
Children from 3-12 years50% of the
standard price


Additional ServicesPrice
Breakfast (per person)15 zł
Afternoon meal (per person)30 zł
Light evening meal (per person)15 zł
Children aged 2-12 years - 50% discount on catering-
Swimming pool (12:00- 22:00) and kitchen facilities free of charge-
Sauna – (Allow 1 hour to heat) 1 hour use60zł
Each additional hour of sauna20zł
Gym10zł/1person/1 day
Wood for fireplace or barbecue can be obtained in the forest (free) or for the price above.