A few words about us

The North (Stanislaw from Zulawy Wislane) and the South (Teresa from Beskid Zywiecki) met in Krakow. They spent 20 hectic years in the city, their lives centered around work and children without much opportunity to take a break and what little holiday there was involved working with young people. All the time dreaming of their own home with enough space to live in beautiful surroundings and clean air.


And so it happened: 3 hectares of an abandoned farm, lush green grass everywhere around, trees, forest, hills, an old wooden house in a sunny valley and deafening silence. Deers in the forest, frog choruses at night, a bonfire slowly dying in the morning. Before we knew it, 20 years had passed and we are still living happily in this enchanted place (we work more, not less, we rest less, not more) .... and Borownas charm endures. Our children and grandchildren come and go. They have chosen a big city as a their place to live, and Borowna is their haven where they can catch their breath.
Who knows, maybe the enchantment survived – in our work, in music and poetry, which we not only love but also write. It is difficult to imagine our future lives without being surrounded by this unspoiled nature, the wind rustling in the leaves and the lovely guests who grace us with their presence.